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The Razer Megasoma model is a mouse mat designed for use as an extreme gaming peripheral. It features a soft silicone material body design adorned with a unique ambient green "glowing" symbol.

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€ 49,95

The Razer Megasoma mouse mat features a uniquely textured surface for easier mouse tracking and an underside grip which helps to prevent slipping and movement during use. The Megasoma is manufactured with an extra large body style to provide increased space. Razer claims the silicone material that the Megasoma mat is made of acts as both a hard and soft hybrid surface; and is extremely durable.

  • Mid-grade Gaming Mouse Mat
  • Extra Large Body Size
  • "Glowing" Green Design
  • Textured Surface Designed to Aid Mouse Tracking
  • Hard/Soft Silicone Material
  • Lightweight and Portable Build
  • Rubber Non-Slip Underside