HEY! PIKMIN 3DS Volledige grootte weergeven


The mysterious creatures known as Pikmin are joining the brave space explorer Captain Olimar for a side-scrolling adventure game on Nintendo 3DS family systems.

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€ 39,95

As Pikmin follow Olimar around, tap the Touch Screen where you want to throw them. Theyll get to work right away moving objects, battling creatures, or carrying treasures while heading for the goal.

As always, Red Pikmin are fire-resistant, Blue Pikmin love water, and Yellow Pikmin can be thrown to higher ground, and arent hurt by electricity. Its just you, your colourful friends, and a challenging series of tasks that could only be described as an adventure.

Unlike previous Pikmin games, this is an action game that will make you think fast and use every Pikmin to overcome anything that stands in your way.